Deepak M.P.

I had had sessions with therapists before but never found results for the same, hence I wasn’t sure if this would be useful or simply a false hope. However, I think overall there was an improvement. I’m not set for life, but in a certain sense I feel more confident that the transformation is possible.Continue reading “Deepak M.P.”

Saatvika M., Yoga Teacher and Holistic Healing Practitioner (Reiki, EFT, NLP)

Amrita is a wonderful EFT practitioner. She is patient, kind, listens deeply, and is intuitive. She has worked me through a lot of sessions when I was going through an emotionally challenging period, and when intense feelings came up for healing, she was there to help me gently work through them. She is very confident aboutContinue reading “Saatvika M., Yoga Teacher and Holistic Healing Practitioner (Reiki, EFT, NLP)”

T.P., Chef

Oftentimes, the journey of discovering how to help oneself out can be very confusing; however, when you have a guide like Amrita, it is simple, clear, and very effective. I have only spent one hour (Matrix Reimprinting session) with her, and I feel it was one of the best spent, most peaceful hours in theContinue reading “T.P., Chef”

Mrityunjay T., Realtor

I have known Ammu for many years. Through the value of her therapeutic treatment, which I have received for an unusual nerve condition, Ammu has impressed upon me the vital role that positive thoughts and emotions play in the healing process. In the few months in which I was treated by her, I benefited considerably,Continue reading “Mrityunjay T., Realtor”

Fatema Z., Holistic Healing Practitioner

I had a three-hour Breakthrough Coaching session with Ammu. She is patient, attentive, and helped to shift my limiting beliefs about myself. She guided me through the session beautifully, and really helped me overcome my blocks.