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I work with people like you who have been chasing a dream for years. Whether it’s to write a book, reach goal weight, or run a marathon, it’s your personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The only problem is that you’ve been trying, and trying, and trying, and never seem to get there. You’re embarrassed when people ask about your progress, and feel ashamed to reach out for support. You’re frustrated with yourself, and wonder if you’ve really got it in you.

You’re this close to throwing in the towel, and living with the hole in your life that your dream used to fill.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Through partnering together, we will craft an easy and joyful path to your dreams – one that you will have the confidence to travel along, feeling supported every step of the way.

You’ll have the skills to finally make your dreams come true – no more wistful wishing on stars!


Hi, I’m Amrita Madhusudan, author, speaker, productivity coach, and protector of dreams. I combine practical measures with emotional healing and support to give goal seekers like you the resources you need so that you can finally get to where you want to go.

I believe that dreams are sacred. There’s a reason you have this desire burning inside you. You deserve to have your dreams come true. I also believe there are concrete steps you can take to make your dreams more tangible, and increase your odds of actually living your dreams.

Trying to follow through on what your soul wants you to do can feel confusing in today’s instant gratification world. This is why a system that combines scientific principles and reasoning with an almost spiritual way of staying true to what you really want works. 

It’s like taking a hot knife through the butter of your doubts and fears – watch them melt away! 

If you’re thinking with despair about the last ten times you made a fresh start, bought a new self-help book, or hired a coach, and it just didn’t work, I’m here to tell you that nothing is ever wasted. I can help you mine those experiences for insights that will then illuminate your way forward. 

Sometimes, you can be overwhelmed because your goal seems too big, or too far away. The thing to remember, though?

You’re not alone.

Want to know a little secret?

I’ve been where you are. 

I’m intimately familiar with the frantic desperation that floods your mind when you feel like time is running out, and you’re never going to fulfil your dream. 

I’ve worked persistently to create a quit-proof approach that has kept me going as I’ve met different goals I’ve had, whether that was to reach a healthy weight (which I’m doing all over again, after the birth of my little one!), write a book chapter, or even just systematically declutter my house. 

I’m a scientist by training, so iteration is something that comes naturally to me! Brainstorming fun new ideas and experimenting to see what works best are second-nature now. I combine the best of left- and right-brain techniques to help you cover all your bases on your quest for your holy grail. 

My clients tell me they’re amazed at how quickly we get to the root of their problem, and the plans we create are ones they can actually follow, bringing their dreams so much closer to fulfilment.

So, how did I develop this quit-proof approach?

I think I was born knowing how to plan and be organised! I remember making lists and schedules as a child, for everything from a study plan before exams, to fitting in all the fun stuff I wanted to do over my vacations.

 Along the way, I learned how to make plans that actually work, and more importantly, what to do when things didn’t go according to plan. Soon, I was organising projects for my friends and family, and I loved sharing what I knew with them. 

I used my skills all through my academic journey, through my M.Sc. in Biochemistry and nearly half a decade in neuroscience research. I was ready to keep going in academia, but my health gave out. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

Suddenly, one of my dearest dreams vanished, in spite of all my hard work, and I had to deal with the vacuum I found myself in. 

That’s when I put all my energy and passion into emotional healing. I studied different modalities through books, online courses, and live classes, and got certified in the ones that made the biggest impact in my own healing journey. 

For the last five years, I have worked on understanding how to deal with feeling purposeless, frustrated, and stuck. 

My own experience of going from feeling lost and rudderless to living a meaningful life, following my dreams, has allowed me to do the same for my clients. They’ve reported feeling lighter, having more clarity, and loving the clear plan they can follow.

Ready to grab onto your dream and make it come true, in spite of all the reasons you think it can’t or won’t?

Click here to access your free copy of Jackpot: Your secret to taking the luck out of making your dreams come true. This handy guide will get you started and keep you moving in the right direction!

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