What in the world is ‘Effortless Breathlessness’?

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Given that you’ve made it here, I’m pretty sure you’ve wondered – at least in passing! – what ‘Effortless Breathlessness’ was all about.

It does sound confusing, doesn’t it? And not entirely pleasant, either.

Effortless Breathlessness as a concept was born one morning while I was doing yoga. My teacher was leading me through the pranayama practice, and we were coming to the end of a round of kapalabhati. He was talking to me about how, at the end of the round of exhalation, I should just sit and observe my body.

I noticed, as I sat there with sweat trickling down my forehead, how my lungs were empty, and yet I was free of any desire to take a breath.

I was suspended in a moment of balance between a sense of wholeness and a sense of emptiness.

And as I stayed with it, it occurred to me that this was what I wanted in my life. An easy sense of balance, between striving and surrender, between depth and lightness, between achievement and rest.

At the heart of it, I believe this balance is what most of us want, even if we put it differently. The ability to work towards your dreams, free of fear or pressure. The ability to rest, when your body and mind needs it, without guilt or shame.

I believe that you have that dream burning inside you for a reason. You were born with everything you need to fulfill that dream. Your journey can be one of effortless progress, and breathless joy.

There are dozens of ways to reach your dreams. And there’s no rule that says you have to struggle and suffer to achieve what you want. It’s not cheating to have your path be a beautiful one that delights you with every step you take along it.

Here, you will find acceptance of all that you’re holding inside you. Here you can rest a while and recharge yourself before you dive back into your journey. There is support here, and help with both practical and emotional aspects of being a dream-chaser.

Make yourself comfortable, and welcome, to Effortless Breathlessness.

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