Supercharge your Sunday – Episode 3: How to make progress when you don’t feel motivated.

Losing motivation way before you reach your goals? This training is for you! Within 10 minutes, you will: Learn how to take motivation out of the picture entirely, Understand how your brain works so you can make it work for you, an Tweak your environment – and the odds of success! – in your favour!

Supercharge your Sunday- Episode 2: How to achieve your dreams when your thoughts are your obstacles

Finding that you’re getting in your own way as you try to achieve your dreams? This training is for you! Within 10 minutes, you will: Know how to identify thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, Begin to understand and make peace with those thoughts, and Learn how to be successful despite them.

Supercharge your Sunday – Episode 1: 5 easy steps to jumpstart your journey to your dreams

Going round in circles when you try to make your dreams come true? Cut through your obstacles like a hot knife through butter with this training. Within ten minutes, you will: Know exactly what motivates you, Understand what’s getting in your way, and Learn how to maximise your chances of success.

What in the world is ‘Effortless Breathlessness’?

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Given that you’ve made it here, I’m pretty sure you’ve wondered – at least in passing! – what ‘Effortless Breathlessness’ was all about. It does sound confusing, doesn’t it? And not entirely pleasant, either. Effortless Breathlessness as a concept was born one morning while I was doingContinue reading “What in the world is ‘Effortless Breathlessness’?”